The Best Cordless Electric Snowblower For You! Fall 2019

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Cordless Electric Snowblower for 2-car driveways 40-70 feet long.

Battery and brushless motor technology have progressed to the point where there are now a couple of cordless electric snowblowers that are as good as a gas-powered single-stage snow thrower. They have enough battery capacity to clear up to an 18-car driveway on a single charge. The two new cordless electric snow throwers this year are similar in size and capacity to the gas-powered single-stage machines. The two I recommend can handle 8 inches of snow and drifts up to 12 inches.

I am NOT recommending any other electric snow throwers for clearing your typical suburban driveway. Why?

  1. The Toro FlexForce and Snow Joe 100-Volt Max are the ONLY cordless snow blowers on the market this year that have auger assist. If the snow is deeper than two inches this allows them to pull themselves through the snow. ALL the other electric snowthrowers don’t have this feature which means you have to PUSH the snowthrower. Yes, that may be fine if you only have two inches but if the snow is deeper, if the snow is frozen, or the driveway you are clearing is sloped pushing the snowthrower into the snow is a major workout. It’s also a safety issue if you are trying to push one up your driveway.
  2. With the exception of the Toro FlexForce and Snow Joe 100-Volt Max there are very few cordless snowthrowers that can clear more than 4 inches of snow. Most, only handle 4 inches or so and don’t throw the snow very far.
  3. Many other snowthrowers use their own unique battery. The Toro FlexForce and Snow Joe 100-Volt Max use the same battery in the snow thrower that’s used in their other lawn and garden tools. For example, The cordless Toro Recycler mower is one of the best rated self-propelled mowers and the SAME battery works in both the mower and this snow thrower.
  4. Even though the Toro FlexForce and Snow Joe 100-Volt Max are powerful enough to clear your driveway they are also light enough to clean off your deck. Just pull the battery out of the unit and they only weigh about 50lbs. You can easily pull them up steps to clear your deck.

If a cordless snow thrower is not the right choice for you please go here to check out my recommended snow blowers list: The Best Snow Blowers For You! Fall 2019

First. Recommended: Toro FlexForce: 21″ Power Clear® e21 60V* 7.5 AH (405 AH) Battery Snow Blower (39901) Buy Here at The Home Depot.

 Check out my video on YouTube. This cordless electric snowblower features Toro’s patented Power Clear – auger assist system that pulls you through the snow and throws it up to 40 feet. This snow thrower will clear up to a 12 car driveway on one charge. When you take the battery out this snowblower only weighs 40 lbs so it will be great for areas where you have to lift it up steps or put it in your car. Personally, I like this snow blower a lot and it will be my go-to machine for clearing my 16X70 feet driveway and patio this winter. This snow thrower is part of Toro FlexForce line of 60-volt cordless tools which includes one of the best 22-inch self-propelled mowers on the market. The line currently includes 21-inch snow thrower, 22 inch Toro Recycler Personal Pace Mower, 16 inch String Trimmer, and 600cfm Blower. View the entire line here:  View the Toro 60V Flex-Force Power System Collection 

Second. Recommended but expensive: Snow Joe 21 in. 100-Volt Max 5 Ah Brushless Cordless Electric Snow Blower Model# ION100V-21SB. Buy Here at The Home Depot.

 Check out my video on YouTube. Snow Joe cordless electric snowblower has redesigned their cordless single stage once again and this model now features auger assist and a 30 minute run time on the supplied 5.0 AH (425 WH) battery.  It’s the best Snow Joe to date. This snow thrower is part of the Snow Joe/Sun Joe line of 100-volt cordless tools. The line currently includes a 21 inch Self Propelled Lawn Mower, 21-inch snow thrower, 500cfm blower, 16-inch string trimmer, 10-inch pole saw, 18-inch chain saw and 24-inch hedge trimmer. View the entire line here: Sun Joe 100-Volt | Snow Joe 100-Volt

Maybe. Popular but I don’t recommend: EGO 21 in. Single-Stage 56-Volt Lithium-Ion 7.5 AH (405 AH) Cordless Electric Snow Blower. Buy Here at The Home Depot.

This cordless electric snowblower needs two batteries for operation (supplied) and does not have auger assist. I ONLY recommend it if you already have EGO tools and you only get a few inches of snow at a time. If you get snow depths over six inches this machine gets very hard to use because you have to PUSH it through the snow. Here is a typical end-of-year review of the EGO Snow Thrower: “I too love cordless-the only gas equipment. All I have left is my lawnmower and snow-blower so I was eager to try this. However, the auger not touching the ground is a big problem for me. My single stage 208cc gas does and it helps to pull it along. I have a 75 ft single driveway and 200 ft of sidewalk (a double lot on a corner). It had enough juice to do it, but constantly having to push, push, push to get through the snow-it was a major workout. It throws the snow fine-no problem there. But wow-it was a major pain pushing this thing. We’ve had over 100 inches of snow this winter (so far), so I’m glad I returned it.”

This snow thrower is part of EGO line of 56-volt cordless tools. View the entire line here: EGO 56 Volt Tools

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