Are 3 Stage Snow Blowers Better?

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Are 3 stage snowblowers better? Is 3-Stage Better Than 2-Stage?

  1. 3 stage snow blowers are not better than competing 2-stage snow blowers – they are just different. Every U.S. manufacturer tries to make the best snow blower for the price and or the best snow blower for certain buyers. Because of that, there have been many different designs over the years.
  2. Cub Cadet/MTD advertises the 3-stage to be better than a 2-stage but when you read the fine print the claim is against their own 2-stage snow blowers – not other brands. In fact, MTD now offers 2-stage heavy-duty snow blowers with more capacity. So, feel free to ask in the comments below if a 3-stage or 2-stage is the best choice for you.
  3. Consumer Reports rates 2-stage and 3-stage snow blowers separately. Just because they list 3-stage snow blowers at the top of the page that does not mean they are better – use the number ratings they post to get an accurate assessment of their viewpoint. In fact, CR now rates six 2-stage snow blowers equal or better to the 3-stage models. One other item to note about CR reviews – Their ratings are based on the models they have tested – not all of the snow blowers on the market.
  4. All 3-stage snow blowers currently sold in the U.S. and Canada are made by MTD. MTD sells them under various names including Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, Columbia, and other names. 3-stage Craftsman (Sears), Craftsman Professional (Sears) and Craftsman at Lowes (owned by Stanley, Black & Decker) are also made by MTD.
  5. Is the 3X snowblower durable? Yes, When maintained properly, kept inside and sized properly for the amount of snow you have to clear and the size of your property a Cub Cadet snowblower will last many years. All Cub Cadet snowblowers are designed to break shear pins instead of tearing up more expensive parts if it hits something that may damage the machine so make sure you have extra on hand. You may break a few until you get used to your machine and the obstructions you have. (The hard one to replace on the 3-stage snow blowers is the shear pin on the back auger flite. (The propeller behind the gearbox.) Before you go out and clear snow the first time please figure out how that hole lines up with the front shear pin so you can easily replace that pin if you break it.

If you are not quite sure what snow blower you need please check out these articles:

By The Way – All Opinions are Mine.

Keeping up with snow blowers is almost a full-time job and I take finding the best snow blower for you very seriously. The U.S. manufactures currently sell about 400 different models made here in the U.S. alone. In addition, there are always another dozen or so foreign manufactures trying to wedge their way into your pocketbook. By the way – a quality $500 two-stage snow blower no longer exists. The base regular price is now $699.

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