Replacing The Fuel Line On Your Snow blower

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If you have used unleaded fuel with ethanol in your snow blower at anytime there is a great chance that your fuel lines will melt and fall apart. Todays fuels are designed for todays autos and there is no allowances for older equipment.

So you may get lucky, but I recommend you be prepared to replace the fuel lines, primer bulb and even clean the carb eventually.

Snow Blower Fuel Line

This repair can be done by just about anyone with the proper tools.   DonyBoy73 has put together 2 excellent videos on this repair.  After the videos is a list of tools you can buy to do general maintenance on your snow blower, lawn mower, lawn tractor and other items around your house.

Here a two videos on how to replace the fuel line on your snowblower. Enjoy!

Part 1: Removing the parts to replace the fuel line.


Part 2: Putting on the new fuel line and primer line



Wrenches and Sockets:

Craftsman 56-piece Universal Mechanics Tool Set This set is a good all-around set of sockets and wrenches. This will do 90% of all the “nuts & bolts” you find around the home. AND the best part! Every piece in the set is guaranteed for life!


I believe you should buy the best quality screwdrivers you can afford. There is nothing worse when trying to fix something than to have the screw head strip because of a poor screwdriver. The Craftsman Professional and Greenlee will last you a long, long time.

Craftsman Professional 5 pc Screwdriver Set or
Greenlee 7 pc. Screwdriver Set

You will also find a bunch of screws that common screwdrivers will not fit. This set will give you all these oddballs screwdriver bits.

Craftsman Professional 51-pc. Magnetic Driver


Craftsman 4 pc. Pliers Set Home Page

Yes, there other tools you will need later on to fix other parts of your snow blower.  Buy, these and you can do this repair.

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