Driveway Markers – Do You Know Where That Landscape Rock Is?

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Driveway Markers will save you from a snow blower disaster?

My wife loves rocks. Rocks of all sizes and shapes. She uses them for borders for accents and just to sit on. Over the years she has managed to place way to many of them right along the edge of the driveway. Once I get 4 inches of snow on the ground I start to lose track of all those rocks so I mark each row with fiberglass reflective driveway markers. It has saved me from chucking rocks through my snow blowers many times. It took me a few years to find good fiberglass markers with caps on the end. With the caps I can drive them into hard and even frozen ground.

I’ve noticed that very few retailers have a good selection of driveway markers. Did you know that Amazon has over 700 different types? Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, They even have lighted – solar powered ones.

Check them all out here: Driveway Markers at Amazon

Some of them you can get for as little as $2 a piece.

Here is a typical set. Blazer 381ODM-24 Orange 48-Inch Reflective Driveway Marker (Pack of 24)

Driveway Markers(From Amazon) Driveway Markers are perfect for marking any area that needs special awareness. Great for marking driveways, parking lots and curbs for snow removal. Each marker is made of durable fiberglass and has a protective cap on top to prevent splintering when tapped in. The top 10-Inches of each Blazer Orange 48-Inch Reflective Driveway Marker is wrapped with high visibility reflective tape ensuring it is visible from all angles even at night or in adverse weather conditions. Blazer International is part of Tiger Accessory Group, one of the six subsidiary companies within the U.S. under the name MAT Holdings, Inc. For over 25-Years, MAT Holdings, Inc. has been a diversified, privately held family company with a portfolio of subsidiaries that manufacture, market and distribute quality products and trusted brands.

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