My Snow Blower Is Throwing Rocks! Or How to Raise a Scraper Bar on a Snow Thrower

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Your new snow blower needs to be adjusted for the type of surface you are cleaning snow from. The snow blower right out of the box is set to scrape all the snow from the surface and anything else that it can pick up. I’ve noticed that a lot of them are not adjusted at all. The skid shoes are too high or one is adjusted higher than the other.

Here is a short video that you can watch that shows you how to adjust the snowblower so it doesn’t pick up rocks or catch on every little crack in your drive or sidewalk.


This guy adjusted that snow blower so there was a 3/4 inch gap between the snowblower and the ground. That is fine if you are cleaning your lawn or the gravel on your drive is very loose, but in most cases though that is too high.

For a concrete drive or sidewalk that has cracks adjust the skid shoes so there is a about 1/4 inch clearance. If you place the operator’s manual under the wear bar this is about the right height. Your snowblower won’t get caught on every crack this way and will only leave a small amount of snow on your drive.

For asphalt, blacktop, or other smooth driveways I suggest adjusting the skis shoes so the wear bar just touches. Don’t put anything under the bar but still loosen and tighten the skid shoes. Sometimes they are too set too high at the factory and you grind off the wear bar.

For gravel drives you have to experiment. If the ground is froze you can get close, if the ground is soft you may have to raise it up 1/2 -3/4 inch. I usually raise the wear bar up to 3/4 inch, clean that area and then let what’s left freeze solid. I can then lower the skid shoes back down and they won’t cut thru that frozen layer.

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