2012-2013-2014 Snow Blowers – Who Makes What? Craftsman, Ariens, Cub Cadet, Toro, Troy-Bilt, Snapper, Yardman, MTD Pro, Honda, Yard-Machines and MTD?

by: Paul Sikkema

I know if you are reading this you are a savvy consumer. Someone who wants to know everything you can about the product you intend to buy before you purchase it.

You work hard for your money. Retailers work equally hard to separate you from it. Retail and discount stores are shouting “lowest price,” others “best value.”  Being a savvy consumer means looking beyond the sales pitch and assessing the true value of a product.

Here is a list of engine brands followed by a list of snow blowers brands and who makes what.

Snow Engines – Who Makes What?

There are only three manufactures of winterized engines currently being installed on the snow blowers I am going to review this season. Every one of the brands has a proven record of reliability.  In fact in the last two years all of these motors have service records that are the best the industry has ever seen. Parts and service are easy to get from the dealer or retailer you purchased it from.  They are designed to run on todays fuel (Do NOT use E-15 or E-85) AND HAVE MUCH LOWER EMISSIONS than motors sold just a few years ago.

One of the most common questions this year is: Where is the engine made?  

Briggs & Stratton Snow Series: All B&S motors are labeled as such. B&S snow engines are warrantied by B&S, not the snow blower manufacture it is mounted on. B&S snow engines that are made in the USA have the “made in USA” sticker on them. Ariens Polar Force engines are B&S. According to the Briggs & Stratton website the following engines are NOT made in the U.S.A. 800, 900, 1150, 2100 Snow Series™ Source: Briggs & Stratton Engine Manufacturing Locations

Ariens AX, LCT Snow King and Storm Force: LCT engines have LCT on the valve cover. Storm Force, Ariens AX, and Snow King are LCT engines. You will mainly see this brand on Ariens, Sno-tek and Husqvarna Snow blowers but there are a few smaller brands now using this manufacture. LCT engines on Ariens and Husqvarna snow blowers are warrantied through the respective dealers. LCT engines mounted on Power Smart snow blowers are warrantied through LCT

PowerMore™ OHV Winterized Engines: This motor is usually labeled the same as the snow blower it is mounted on. In other words if you buy a Craftsman snow blower it will be labeled as a Craftsman engine. Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, and Yard Machines engines are PowerMore. All PowerMore engines are warrantied through the snow blower brand they are mounted on.

Honda: No I didn’t forget about Honda. They only install snow motors on their own brand.

Tecumseh: Lawson Power Products (Tecumseh:) quit making engines in 2008. LCT has partnered with them and is now using the technology and brand names from the old Tecumseh product line.

Snow Blowers by Brand: Who Makes What?

Manufacture: Ariens
Ariens actually makes 8 different series of snow blowers but for most of us Sno-Tek, the Ariens Compact, and Ariens Deluxe will be the models we will buy. I will make a point of reviewing all of the Ariens snow blowers at Home Depot so you can compare them to the other brands.

Manufacture: Briggs & Stratton
John Deere
Briggs & Stratton
Craftsman 88618

Brand: Craftsman
Craftsman at Sears – MTD and B&S makes these for 2013-2014
Craftsman at Kmart – MTD makes these for 2013-2014
Craftsman at Ace Hardware – MTD makes these for 2013-2014
Craftsman at ?
Craftsman®/MD (Canada) – Husqvarna, B&S and MTD makes these for 2013-2014. Did I get them all?

Manufacture: MTD
Troy Bilt
Yard Machines
Yardman, MTD Pro, MTD, MTD Gold

Manufacture: Honda

Manufacture: Husqvarna
Poulan Pro

Manufacture: Toro
PowerMax HD
Power Clear

Specialty Snow Throwers.

I am calling the rest of this list and any other brand not listed “specialty” snow throwers.  At this time I don’t know which of these names are manufactures and which are brands named just for the U.S. market.  These brands either have only one or two models (most are small electrics) or are internet only companies.

These companies all have the potential to be great, but for the time-being be sure you understand the return and repair policies.  In other words, a 2 year warranty is great but if you can’t find a dealer, an address to ship it to, or even to get someone to answer your phone call the warranty is worthless.

1x1.trans 2012 2013 2014 Snow Blowers   Who Makes What? Craftsman, Ariens, Cub Cadet, Toro, Troy Bilt, Snapper, Yardman, MTD Pro, Honda, Yard Machines and MTD?

Each Order of 50 Or More Comes With Free Shipping Container!

Amerisun Inc. Parent company for Power Smart and Snow Devil. This company is coming on strong with their China built snow blowers. You can call them and get parts. They are currently building a nationwide service network.
Power Smart
Snow Devil
Snow Joe

Other Companies not listed:

One last word of warning. If you don’t recognize the brand there is a more than likely chance the snow thrower is made in China and service, parts, and repairs for it is non-existent.

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