Driveway Markers – Yes You Need Them

Have you broken a shear pin yet? What did you break it on? If you have the same luck as I do you managed to find a few obstructions in the snow over the years and hopefully all you did was bust a shear pin or two. I’ve found frozen cans of beer, newspapers, shoes, and even a garden hose. The hose was bad because I broke both shear pins and the hose managed to wrap around the front auger and the impeller. It took me an hour to cut it all out.  It can be very interesting living along a busy road because of the stuff that “falls” out of people’s  vehicles.

But I have even more hazards that are just waiting to destroy my snow blower. My wife is an avid gardener and has more flower beds than anyone else in the county. Of course she wants them where she can see them so many of the beds are right up against the driveway.  What makes matters even worse is she likes to edge them with rocks – rocks just large enough to do major damage to a snow blower but small enough that a 6 inch snow will bury them to the point of not being able to see them when clearing snow.

So a few years ago I decided to mark these obstructions. The first year I used wooden dowels. I figured they were tall enough so they wouldn’t get buried in the snow. But, halfway through the winter I realized they were a mistake. First, they absorb moisture, freeze and then get very brittle. Just touching them when it’s 5 degrees out and they would break off. Second, they rotted very fast. Of the dozen I used only 3 were left by the end of February.

Yes, I saw the driveway markers at the hardware store but I was too cheap to spend 4 to 6 dollars a piece for them.

But then…. one day I was wandering around on Amazon and stumbled across 24 packs of driveway markers for only $39. I knew I needed at least a dozen so at $1.60 a piece I just had to order them. Guess what? They are the exact marker the hardware store sells for $4.29!

24 pack Driveway Markers

Blazer 381ODM-24 Reflective Driveway Marker – 48-Inch Fiberglass Pole – Orange – 24-Pack

Driveway Marker Mount

Driveway Marker Mounts, 12 Mounts Per Package

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