Daye DS24E Snow Blower Review:

Daye DS24E Snow Blower Review:

The 24 inch snow blower market is extremely competitive. Many of you want a cheap 24 inch snow blower but you also complain how “cheap” the snow blowers have become in this size.

Well this new snow blower just may change your perspective on what a cheap snow blower should be. This snow blower was started as a blank sheet of paper and one question. “If I were to design an economical 24 inch snow blower that fixed all of the concerns people have with the current crop what would it be?”

This snow blower competes directly against the “under $700” snow blowers made by MTD. The Yard Machine, Troy-Bilt Storm, Craftsman 88173, TSC Huskee, Remington and Yard Man Brands. It fixes all of the things you don’t like about those snow blowers.

You’ve never seen or heard of the name in the U.S. until now.  But don’t let that stop you from taking a serious look at this snow blower. This snow blower has been successfully sold in Europe and Russia for a while now and it is a proven, reliable snow blower.

Where to buy:

Snow Blowers Direct (Power Equipment Direct) (Regular price is $699.99 but on sale until the end of November at $649.99 Delivered ).
Parts – Warranty – Where to get service: 
The 24/7 toll-free customer service, 855-256-2160 is manned by AWS and there are adequate parts inventory to handle any and all service needs as well as thousands of service dealers nationwide.

Who is this snow blower for:

  • This snow blower is sized for an “average” suburban driveway. One to two cars wide and up to 100 feet long.
  • This snow blower is tall enough to handle 23 inch drifts, yet it will handle 2-3 inch snows well.
  • It is easy to use and simple to maintain.
  • It is well built and has the most popular features you want.
  • It has plenty of power to blast through that hard packed pile of snow the snow plow leaves at the end of your driveway.
  • It has enough traction so you can go out in the backyard and clear a spot off the lawn for your dogs.
  • If metal means quality to you the DAYE DS24E features  all metal construction. The belt cover, chute control cover and chute bottom seal are the only plastic on this snow blower.

Who this snow blower is not for:

  • This snow blower does not have power steering.  It is harder to turn than the Cub Cadet 524 SWE but is easier to turn than the Craftsman 88173 because it does have the pin-lock on one wheel. You can release that wheel and the snow blower then will zero-turn.  It is not a heavy snow blower and is balanced very well so for most people it will be easy to turn. If you are not familiar with pin-lock steering watch the last 5 minutes of the first video below.
  • It does not have a remote deflector on the all metal chute. If you have a lot of areas where you want to change how far you throw the snow look at a different snow blower.
  • This a new snow blower here but it is not a new snow blower. The name is new but the technology is not. Parts and service are in place but if you have a problem you will have to get on the phone to get parts. The phone support will also help you find the nearest repair center for the first year or so.

Warranty and Parts For Your New DAYE:

When a new company wants to sell products to you and I one of the first questions I ask is what network is set up for warranty work and parts.  Here is the info you need to know to about getting your new DAYE repaired. I like the fact that service, parts and warranty work was set up long before the snow blower was introduced.  DAYE is covered by good, knowledgeable snow thrower and OPE industry professionals.

The snow blower itself, parts and all Customer/User Customer Service questions get directed to AWS (American Warranty Service) through the 24/7 Daye dedicated toll-free number of 855-256-2160.  AWS is staffed by both customer service people capable of answering all questions regarding the set-up and operation of the DS24E.  They also have a skilled technical person available to answer any questions that are more technical in nature or cannot be answered by the CS representative.  AWS primarily specializes in outdoor power equipment and tool products.

Like many items today the engine is covered separately. The LCT engine service and parts for the DAYE is 100% covered by the LCT/Lauson Dealer Network, formerly and best known as the Tecumseh Power Dealer Network. Lauson was the original engine company name that was founded in 1895 prior to being renamed as Tecumseh Power.   Lauson is owned and managed by Certified Parts Corporation (CPC) out of Janesville, WI and provides the parts for LCT, Tecumseh, Tecumseh SNOW KING and owns or has rights to all related assets of Tecumseh including tooling, patents, trademarks and engine designs.  Service Dealer Locations, Parts and Service are easily available through the worldwide network at or at 800-558-5402.

I’ve been reviewing snow blowers for quite some time now and I have my own list of items I would like to see on a 24 inch economy snow blower. One that would do the job for many years and give me no problems.

Here is how the DAYE DS24E compares to the 15 items on my list:

1. Use as much metal as possible. Plastic is advertised to be “just as good” but I still see cracked dashes, cracked impeller discharge housings and plastic parts broken in the shipping boxes. Most of the time I can fix a dent in metal, but I always have to replace a plastic part that is broke. Everything is metal on the DS24E except for three plastic parts. A cover for the belts, a cover for the chute control gears and a non-load-bearing bushing at the bottom of the hanging chute.

2. I would make the auger and transmission housings as thick as an Ariens Platinum.

DAYE vs Ariens

DAYE housing is on left. Ariens Platinum is on right. Click for larger view

(The Ariens Platinum has the thickest metal of all the residential snow blowers) There are two other manufactures on the market right now that are making the steel as thin as possible. In fact during testing Consumer Reports had the sides of one of those brands auger housing collapse because the metal was so thin. The metal auger housing, impeller housing and transmission housing on the DS24E is as thick as the metal on the Ariens Platinum SHO. 

3. I would make the snow blower easy to use and strong.

DAYE chute crank

DAYE chute crank on left

The chute controls on some of the brands are not intuitive. In fact one 4 way joystick is complained about more than any other chute control in history. Some of the other brands are easy to use but are using plastic gears in the chute controls which wear out quickly. Other brands still use the antique spring chute control that sticks on metals chutes and breaks plastic chutes. The DS24E uses a simple hand crank for the top mounted chute control and uses all metal gears.

4. I would have power steering or a pin lock axle.

Pin Lock Axle

Pin-Lock. Pull the pin and place it in the outside hole for better turning. Yes, you lose half your traction.

Power steering is nice on snow blowers larger than 24 inches but I can live with a pin-lock axle if it is on a lightweight 22 or 24 inch snow blower. I like the option of the pin-lock over a solid axle snow blower. Why? I have a couple of throw rugs by the doors in my garage. When I move a snow blower through the garage with a solid axle the rugs always get messed up. With a pin lock axle I can release one wheel and go through my garage without messing up the rugs. I know it’s nit-picking but it is really a problem with my old Track-Drive solid axle Craftsman. The Daye DS24E has a pin-lock axle and you can release one wheel so it turns easier. It has good sized, deep tread tires so most of the time you have enough traction to clear up to 6 inches of snow. When you get deeper snows or want to clear gravel and that spot out back on the lawn for your dogs the drive is easy to change back to a locked axle.

5. I would angle the handle grips down just a little to assist shorter people.

Handle Angle

Notice how the handles on the left are angled down


Notice how these plow handles are angled down

Most snow blowers use a “plow style” handle and the handles are parallel with the ground. When I use a snow blower with straight handles like that my wrists hurt for three days afterwords. If I swung a hammer for a living it may not make a difference but I type at a keyboard all day. In addition I’m only 5’9″ so some of the handles on the current snow blowers are just too high. If the handles are angled down just a little my wrists don’t hurt. The DS24E has the handles angled down just enough to make a very real difference. The pictures show how original plow handles are angled but some of the new snow blower handles are not.

6. I would put finger holds in the hand grips.

Finger Grips

Finger Grips to hang on better.

How many times using a snow blower have your hands slipped off the grips going around a corner? I know, it’s not a big deal but it is aggravating when it happens. I would add molded finger grips to the handles to make using the snow blower more comfortable and easier to hang on to. The DS24E has molded hand grips that work well with gloved hands.

7. I would make the gearshift and chute controls easy to use with gloved hands. I would make the control levers as long as the handles so I can hold onto the end without the snow blower stopping. So yes, it’s another small point but I like gear and auger control levers that are as long as the handle. Combined with the finger holds in the hand grips mean I can easily use this snow blower no matter where I have my hand placed on the handles. The DAYE uses full length controls and all the handles are large so you can change gears, turn the chute and control the snow blower easily with gloved hands. The control rods and cables are a lot heavier than the same cntrols on MTD snow blowers. 

Long Paddles8. I would make indents in the auger housing to strengthen it.

Stamped Channels

Stamped Channels in blower housing for strength

40 years ago many snow blower housings were made out of thick steel. They were expensive and lasted a long time, but were very heavy and awkward to use. So many manufactures now use lighter gauge steel for the housings to reduce the weight. Some of these manufactures use the thinnest steel possible and stamp channels into the housings to strengthen and make them stiffer. Other manufactures like Ariens still use a heavier gauge steel that doesn’t require the channels for the auger housing to hold up over the years. The DAYE DS24E uses both heavier steel and uses the channels to make the snow blower housing as strong as possible.

9. I would use a simple friction drive transmission. Hydrostatic transmissions and CVT’s are great for the commercial snow blowers but for lightweight residential units like the DAYE the friction drive system is still the best and longest lasting. The DAYE DS24E uses a polished aluminum drive plate, all metal gears and all metal shafts to give you extra strength and durability. I don’t expect that you will ever have to replace any parts inside the trans. The transmission cover is held on by 6 bolts instead of  the customary 2 or 4 bolts on other brands. That seals the transmission case well so snow doesn’t get into the drive and cause the friction wheel to slip on the drive plate. One little detail, this snow blower uses welded in place nuts instead of spring clip “cage” nuts. While cage nuts are inexpensive to replace they tend to rust faster and will tend to strip out more than welded in place nuts. It’s the little things that make the difference and this is one of those “little things.”

10. I would use closed flight augers and a cupped metal auger. Closed flight augers meter the snow better on the smaller snow blowers so they don’t plug as often. Open flight augers work better for high volume snow blowers because they mix the snow with a little air which makes the snow easier to throw long distances. Face it, snow blowers will plug up when you try to blow wet, sloppy snow. With a closed flight front auger the snow blower tends to clog in the front auger instead of inside the blower. It’s a lot easier to clean the front auger than to clean the inside of the blower. Cupped impellers do a better job of holding on to the snow and throwing it out of the snow blower. (Read they are more efficient.) The DAYE uses a closed flight front auger to meter the snow going into the impeller. It also uses a cupped three-blade impeller to throw the snow well. 

11. I would use sealed ball bearings where it mattered and bronze bushings where appropriate.

Sealed Ball Bearings

Sealed Ball Bearings

There are many places on a snow blower where bronze bushings are actually a better choice than ball bearings. For example, axle bearings need to take all the weight of the snow blower but the axle does not spin at a high RPM so bronze is the best choice there. Impeller shafts on the other hand spin at 2000 rpm so a ball bearing is a better choice. The DAYE DS24E put bronze bushings where appropriate and sealed ball bearings where needed to give you the longest life. 

12. I would use the latest belt technology. I would make the belts easy to change.

Notched Flat Belt

Notched Flat Belt and low profile v-belt.

The automotive industry switched to long life flat belts years ago. Now-days a serpentine belt will easily last (1500 hours) 100,000 miles. V-Belts on the other hand are lucky to go 250 hours most of the time. The DAYE uses a notched flat drive belt for the transmission like the serpentine belt in your car and a low profile v-belt for the auger. Low profile belts last up to 3 times longer than conventional v-belts. NOTE: The impeller pulley is larger than some other brands so this snow blower will throw about 35 feet but it does not throw as far as the Ariens Deluxe and Platinum 24 snow blowers which are rated for up to 50 feet. This also gives the snow blower plenty of power to throw heavy wet snow. The belt cover is tall enough that it will not rub on the belts.

13. I would have a light. I don’t need a light myself but it would be nice to have for most of you. Most of the time I wait for daylight to clear my snow, but my neighbor has no lights at all on his 200 foot driveway and goes to work at 6 in the morning so a light is very important to him.

LED Light

LED Light

The DAYE uses a LED light mounted off to the side. You can easily adjust it for the where you want it to shine. It also has an on-off switch to make it last longer. It’s not the brightest bulb in the bunch but bright enough for night work. 

14. I would use a LCT engine.

LCT 208 cc

LCT 208 cc

Of course electric start and fuel shut off is required. A throttle is also nice but since I run my snow blower at full engine rpm all the time it is not needed. LCT was born out of the old Tecumseh legacy and has quickly become the most dependable and most widely used engine on snow blowers. Husqvarna posted a reliability study this year and the LCT engines are averaging 5 TIMES the life of the Briggs & Stratton Snow blower engines. I have a bunch of them around here and even the 3 year old ones start on the second pull every time. (of course I use Sea-Foam) The 208 cc LCT engine on the DAYE DS24E has electric start, large starter handle for gloved hands and a fuel shut-off. It does not have a throttle like the 254cc and larger engines on the Ariens and Husqvarna snow blowers.

15. I would use an all metal chute.

Metal Chute

Metal Chute

 I use all metal gears for the chute controls. I would design the controls so it stays in place when blowing snow. The DAYE uses all metal gears for the the all metal chute. In the picture you see a finger guard. This guard is spring loaded so it moves out of the way when blowing snow but it is designed for you to remember NOT to use your hands when clearing a clogged impeller. The clearing tool is long enough to work around the finger guard.

Summary: This new snow blower is a pleasant change to what we have been used to in the 24 inch, inexpensive snow blower market. This is a well built machine that uses the best technology to give you a machine that will last for many years.

  • Heavy frame and auger housing. The metal is thicker than all of the MTD made snow blowers.
  • Pin Lock Drive.
  • All metal gear transmission.
  • All metal chute.
  • Good, high traction tires.
  • LCT Engine: This engine is currently has the best reputation of all the snow blower engines. It has up to 5 times the life of a Briggs and less than 1/2 the repair rate of a Honda.
  • It carries a full 2 year warranty

NOTE: This snow blower is engineered here in the U.S. but is manufactured overseas.

Where to buy: DAYE DS24E 24-inch 208cc Electric Start 2-Stage Snow Thrower Powered By LCT Gas Engine There is FREE SHIPPING!

I’ve put together 2 videos of this new snow blower and I’ll have a third video of the DAYE blowing snow finished within a few days. 

Here is a Walk-around video of the new Daye DS24E Snow Blower.

I go through all the details including a look inside the transmission.

This is an unboxing and assembly video of the new Daye DS24E Snow Blower.

Full Specs:

Model Number: DS24E
Manufacturer: Daye
Brand: LCT
Type: 4-Cycle OHV
Power: 6.5 hp / 208 cc
Torque: 9.5 ft-lbs Net Torque
Starting System: 120-Volt Electric /w Recoil
Fuel Tank: 2.9 quarts (2.74 liters)
Diameter: 12 (30.48 cm)
Material: Serrated Steel
Diameter: 12 (30.48 cm)
Profile: Steel 3-Blade
Material: Steel
Chute Rotation: Basic Crank
Turning Radius: 190°
Max Throwing Distance: 35 feet (10.67 meters)
Drive System
Drive: Friction Disc
Gear Case: Heavy Steel
Forward Speeds: 6 Forward
Reverse Speeds: 2 Reverse
Tire Size: 13″ x 4″ (33.02 cm x 10.16 cm)
Remote Deflector Contols: No
Drift Cutters: Sold Separately
Front Weights: Sold Separately
Interlocking Controls: No
Hand Warmers: No
Headlights: LED
Skid Shoes: Included – Standard
Assembly Required: Yes
Consumer Warranty: 2 Years
Commercial Warranty: Not Available

Where to buy: DAYE DS24E 24-inch 208cc Electric Start 2-Stage Snow Thrower Powered By LCT Gas Engine There is FREE SHIPPING!

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