2014 Ariens Compact 22 in. 208 cc Model 920013 Snow Blower Review

Is the Ariens Compact 22 in. 208 cc Model 920013 snow blower right for you?

I recommend a 22 in snow blower to very few people but……if you have a SMALL driveway that gets lots of snow or a SMALL driveway that is gravel.  If you only have a spot just big enough for your car and the plow truck always blocks you in this snow blower is small enough to get around your car and get that drift cleared out. If you have nowhere to put the snow except over a fence this snow blower can throw it there. I’ve seen driveways on Long Island, row houses in Philly, old neighborhoods around Cleveland and near Wrigley Field in Chicago where this snow blower is the perfect size. I lived in an area that got lake effect snow and this snow blower would have been worth every penny even though I had a small single car driveway. While this snow blower is designed for small driveways it is powerful enough to handle many 2 car driveways as well. Compared to a 24 inch snow blower this Ariens would only take me a few minutes more to clean my 2 car, 60 foot driveway.

by: Paul Sikkema

I don’t like most of the 22 inch snow blowers on the market for most people and this is the exception to the bunch. It beats the Craftsman 88170 in power, capacity and features. It is a “true” Ariens and has more features and a lot more power than it’s cousin the Sno-Tek Model 939401. It has six forward speeds, a huge engine for it’s size and the ability to unlock one wheel so it is easy to turn. It is more expensive than the Craftsman or SnoTek, but is has more features, more capacity and more power.

Ariens Compact 22 in 920013

Ariens Compact 22 in 920013

 The Ariens Compact 22 in. 208 cc Model 920013 is the best overall residential 22 inch snow blower.  All the snow blowers sold all have a place in someone’s garage, but someone always asks the question, “Which one is best?”  so…. This is my opinion based on the reputation of the company, the overall reputation of the machine, the features you want most and the street price.

The Ariens Compact 24 in. 205 cc Model 920014 snow blower has been around for a while and there are almost 200 reviews of it at Home Depot alone. Less than 2% of the reviews were negative and that put’s it in a class by itself. It’s well made and owners like it! It’s the only 22 in that comes with a headlight and metal chute. These features plus the standard features you find on a Ariens make it one of the best 22 in snow blower. The larger Cub Cadet 24 in Model 524SWE is easier to use, but this one is engineered well, built well, and throws snow well.

This snow blower is sized for most single car suburban driveways.  It works best with 4 to 12 inch snows but it has enough power to blow heavy, wet snow and the intake is tall enough to handle 20 inch drifts. It works well on gravel driveways.

This Ariens is part of their Compact line and is designed well for most of us in the United States. In other words if you have a single driveway and get up to get lots of snow a year, this snow blower is a great choice.  One of the items I like best about the Compact 22 is the front cast gear case. There is no 22 in snow blower on the market with this heavy duty design.

Ariens offers eight different grades of snow blowers. Ariens is a primary snow thrower manufacture and offers snow blowers for all homeowners, businesses and commercial users. The Sno-Tek line is the economy line. The Compact is the residential line and the Deluxe is the full-featured heavy duty residential line. The Compact reviewed here are reasonably priced units that get the job done year after year, but lack features like power steering. Ariens does not make snow throwers for other brands that I am aware of.  

Buy Here: Ariens Snow Blowers. Compact 22 in. Two-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower Click This link to read more, buy online, pickup at your local store or have it delivered to your home.

What makes this snow blower the best 24 inch snow thrower for you? (From Home Depot.com)

One of the best selling Snow Blowers with Home Depot, this Ariens Compact 2-Stage 22 in. Gas Snow Blower will quickly conquer snowy terrain and average-size driveways . This rust-resistant snow blower features an electric ignition button for quick starts, heavy duty steel 11-in. auger and a 22 in. clearing path to devour snow in your path. The Compact Sno-Thro series is an exceptional value, combining outstanding snow removal performance with user-friendly control and maneuverability in a mid-size machine.

  • 208 cc Ariens OHV engine offers snow-devouring power
  • 22 in. clearance width and 20 in. intake height to efficiently clear driveways, sidewalks and patios in minimal passes
  • 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds let you adjust snow throwing to accommodate different conditions
  • 11 in. steel serrated augers and 12 in. steel auger power through thick snow banks and drive snow into the blowing house unit for discharge
  • Heavy-duty cast iron gear case with alloy steel gears and L-3 synthetic severe-duty gear oil provides continuous reliability and a longer gear life
  • 205-degree quick-turn chute with manual deflector allows you to direct snow discharge to exactly where you want it up to 40 ft. for enhanced clearance
  • 120-volt electric push-button start provides a quick and easy start
  • Pin-lock axle offers the option of 2-wheel drive for heavy snow or 1-wheel drive for maneuverability
  • Dual-handle interlock system maintains operator safety while allowing for convenient chute and speed adjustments
  • Folding tubular steel handlebars allow for compact off-season storage
  • Reversible skid shoes enable the height adjustment of the blower housing to accommodate uneven surfaces
  • Rust resistant for long-term use
  • Includes 3 year limited consumer warranty
  • In most shipping areas, Ariens offers white glove delivery service. Sno-Thro will be shipped to your local Ariens authorized servicing dealer, who will complete 100% assembly of unit and perform multi-point inspection prior to home delivery. Multi-point inspection includes, operators manual confirmation, set tire pressure, check fluid levels, and file warranty registration information
  • Disclaimer in qualifying area only – If an Ariens authorized dealer is not in your shipping area, the Sno-Thro will ship mostly assembled, directly to you via regular truck delivery, simple set-up instructions will be included with unit. To confirm White Glove Delivery availability prior to purchasing, call 888-927-4367 option #2
  • MFG Model # : 920013


The Ariens Compact 22 in. 208 cc Model 920013  Snow Blower has almost 150,  5 star reviews and I feel they are all honest. Looking at the negative reviews most were from bad fuel. Please use a fuel stabilizer and buy fresh gas at least once a month in the winter. Use a new, sealed gas can. Please read the manual to learn about all the features on your new snow blower.

Where To Get One

Home Depot is the best place to get your new Ariens.  At most Home Depots,  Ariens offers free (Included in delivery fee) white glove delivery service. The Ariens Sno-Thro will be shipped to your local Ariens authorized servicing dealer, who will completely assembly the snow blower and inspect it they deliver it to your home. The multi-point inspection includes, operators manual confirmation, set tire pressure, check fluid levels, and file warranty registration information. If an Ariens authorized dealer is not in your shipping area, the Sno-Thro will ship mostly assembled, directly to you via regular truck delivery, simple set-up instructions will be included with unit. To confirm White Glove Delivery availability prior to purchasing, call 888-927-4367 option #2

If you want to pick it up and assemble it yourself most Home Depot’s usually have these in stock.

Buy Here From Home Depot: 
Ariens Snow Blowers. Compact 22 in. Two-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

Be Careful! This snow blower is also sold through online only stores! Their price may be $50 less than Home Depot but make sure they have a good reputation of taking care of you after the sale. You may find other “factory-direct discount” stores and websites trying to sell it, but make sure they can and will get you service if you ever need it.

 All Snow Blowers need maintenance. When you get your new snow blower home be sure to read the manual, check all the fluid levels and bolts. Learn how to change the shear pins and inspect the drive belts. (The belts are easy to change if you tear one up) ALWAYS have extra shear pins on hand. Learn how to start it and operate it. Snow blower engines run differently than your lawn mower engine. Most of the time you will have the choke on to some degree. (That’s why there are 4 positions on the choke) Practice using it on you driveway. (Don’t run the engine more than 10 minutes if the temperature is over 45 degrees) If you have any questions leave a comment below and we (other readers and myself) will gladly answer your questions.  Above all PLEASE use a fuel stabilizer like Sea Foam or Marine Stabil in your gas. 

Value: At around $729 it is a good value.

Service & Parts AvailabilityService and parts are readily available through Ariens authorized repair centers. Home Depot is easy to work with if you have a problem.

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  1. Thanks for your informative and in-depth reviews. I’m finding them very helpful in deciding which snow blower to purchase. I’m a little confused with this Ariens 22″ review, the review seems to jump between the 22″ to the 24″ Ariens. Are the reviews so similar between the 920013 and 920014 that you’ve combined them? I’ve also read in one of the buyers reviews that the 920013 used plastic drive gears, is this true and what’s your opinion of those?

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    • @Brian, Yes the two are similar enough that the only real difference is the width.

      What some people call plastic, in an Ariens at least, is a carefully thought out component. Ariens branded snow blowers are designed to last and last and last. Of course like all mechanical appliances every once in a while you get one that either didn’t get assembled correctly, got damaged in transit, or the owner is using it for more than it was designed. If there is a problem in the design or assembly Ariens gets on the issue right away and fixes it.

      I’ve been doing this for a while now and Ariens is fanatic about getting it right and selling you an Ariens snow blower that will last and last.

      In this case. most owners will never do the service required on an all-metal drive system so it makes sense that Ariens would use a poly gear in this snow blower. I see only 2 or three transmission issues out of thousands of units sold so I am confident that it is a good machine.

      Of course ALWAYS use fuel stabilizer, fresh gas and a sealed gas storage can.

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  2. Thanks for the review, it answered questions I had about Ariens’ products. My question is more generic: How much snow is left behind on smooth concrete by a dual stage blower versus a single stage? I’m a building maintenance engineer and have used a single-stage Toro. I mention it because I’m familiar with how clean it leaves the concrete. I am considering buying a dual stage blower because I have recently taken over responsibility for a property with a great deal of walkways. I have to clear the paths and entries to the buildings within a few hours of the snowfall. I want to understand how fast snow melt products will take care of the left-behind snow with a dual stage blower. We have our parking lots cleared by a contractor with larger equipment.
    FYI – I work in Oklahoma City. Pretty easy winters compared to more northerly locales, but the few times it snows here, it can really come down. If there is more than an inch, I have to clear the walkways for the brave few who make through the chaos of “slip-and-slide drive-time” :)

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    • @Joe, I suggest leaving about a 1/8 inch gap between the scraper bar (bottom of the snow blower) and the cement. That will let you move well without catching the bottom of the snow blower on every crack and crevice in your sidewalks. So you will have about 1/8 inch of snow to deal with using the snow melt.

      Let the snow blower ride on the skid shoes so you don’t wear out the scraper bar.

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