(2013 Model) Review Troy Bilt Storm 2410 Model 31AS62N2711 (24″) 179 cc Two-Stage Snow Blower Review.

By: Paul Sikkema

Is This The Best Snow Blower For You? This is the least expensive two-stage snow blower in Troy-Bilt’s line. It is a “value” snow thrower at an “economy” price. Troy-Bilt is known to offer carefully manufactured products that are innovative, rugged, reliable and durable. This Troy-Bilt is designed for “yard enthusiasts,” people who love their lawns, gardens and patios. It is sized for a 2 car drive up to 100 ft long.

What you can use this snow blower for: For Paved and Gravel surfaces. Moderate to wet and heavy snowfall. You can go out in the back yard and clean a spot off for your dogs or make a path out to the chicken coop or horse barn with it but in my opinion the tires are a little too small for these chores and you will end up having traction issues.  You can use this to clean your patio and deck but the steel skid shoes will scratch the surface. This snow blower will easily handle 9 inch and deeper snow falls. It will handle even deeper snow falls if you get blizzards once in a while. The six forward and two reverse speeds will let you go slow for the heavy stuff and faster for the lighter snows.

What you may not like:   This snow blower is sold through Lowes and rural lifestyle dealerships only. The engine has plenty of power for most snow removal, but the chute is the standard “short” chute and you will get more snow blowing back in your face than you would if you have a Troy-Bilt with the extended chute.  It does not have power steering.

Troy Bilt Storm 2410 Review

Click Here To Find a Dealer Store Near You: This Troy-Bilt is also offered by authorized Troy-Bilt rural lifestyle dealerships.

Be Careful! You may find online prices from other “factory-direct discount” stores but make sure they are an authorized Troy-Bilt dealer. Make sure the big box store can get you the service and parts you need.

Is This One Of The Best Rated Snow Blowers for 2012 – 2013? This Troy-Bilt snow thrower has been around for quite some time, and overall gets very good ratings.  The drive system has been around for many years and is one of the most dependable transmissions around. The short chute has been around for years.  The reinforced side panels make it stronger than many other snow thrower brands.

Does This Get a Best Snow Blower Rating For 2012-2013? In the Good, Better, Best rating system this snow blower rates a “Good” for ease of use, durability and long life. It does not get the “Better” rating because it does not have power steering, large tires or 4-way chute. It uses a strong Troy-Bilt motor that has plenty of power for it’s 24 inch size. In fact the motor is one of the most dependable on the market today. Don’t be afraid to buy this snow blower if it fits your needs.

Is This One Of The Best Snow Blowers for the Money 2012-2013? If you have a smaller driveway this 24 inch snow blower  is a great machine for the money.  It is one of the cheapest snow throwers in this size, and it does represent a great value.

Customer Satisfaction: This model has changed for 2013. It now has a larger motor than before (208cc instead of the 179cc) I expect it to have the same service good record as last years model.  Because of the size, the short chute and small tires it will take you longer to move your snow than with the 2620 or 2840 models.

Value: At around $599 it is a good value and one of the least expensive snow throwers in this size. If you have a larger drive look at a larger snow blower. Because of the size, the short chute and small tires it will take you longer to move your snow than with the 2620 or 2840 models.

Service & Parts AvailabilityService and parts are easily available through the store where you purchased it. Lowes uses authorized service centers to repair your snow blower

Ease Of Use: This is not one of the easiest snow blowers to use because it does not have power steering. The axles are locked which gives you great traction in all conditions, but for some it may be hard to turn on dry surfaces.  Under normal snow removal conditions though you will appreciate the traction this unit has.  With the shorter chute you will get snow back in your face more often than the extended chute models and the tires are sized for hard surfaces, not gravel or “off-roading”

Key Features and Benefits: (From Troybilt.com)

When the forecast calls for a foot or more, count on this two-stage snow thrower to pull through. Quick starting and easy to operate, the two-stage Storm 2410 snow thrower will cut into drifts with its 21″ intake height and steadily clear the way, 24″ at a time until the job is done.

  • 179cc* 4-Cycle OHV Troy-Bilt engine
  • Push-button electric start
  • All-wheel drive
  • 6 forward / 2 reverse speeds
  • 24″ clearing width
  • 21″ intake height
  • 12″ serrated steel augers
  • Adjustable skid shoes — easily adjusts ground clearance
  • 13″ x 4″ X-Trac tires
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • *as rated by engine manufacturer

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