Power Smart DB7651 24-Inch 208CC Gas Powered Two Stage Snow Thrower (2013) Review With Electric Start

Power Smart DB7651 24-Inch 208CC Gas Powered Two Stage Snow Thrower (2013) Review With Electric Start

Is This The Best Snow Blower For You?

In one sentence: Probably not! 

This snow blower is one of the multitude of Chinese snow blowers hitting the U.S. market.  .  Unfortunately many of you will buy this machine because of the price and spend the next 3 years wishing you had spent $20 less for the Craftsman 88172. (The listed price on sears.com does not include shipping. When you add in shipping the 88172 is actually less. The 88172 is a better machine)

Please Note: I am suggesting a different snow blower not because of the Power Smart brand but because this snow blower does not have a nationwide service network at this time.  You can get repair and warranty parts easily through their site but you are expected to perform the repairs yourself.  Power Smart (Amerisun, Inc) is an up-and-coming brand that will change the snow blower market!

This snow blower is made by Zhejiang Dobest Power Tools Co.,Ltd (data from Amazon) and sold in the United States through Amerisun Inc

Zhejiang Dobest Power Tools Co., Ltd. established in April, 2005 It was developed from its previous factory-Sifang Plastic Injection Factory. The new factory covers an area of 15,000 Square Meters in ChengXi New Zone, Yongkang-the hardware city, and have two major plants-injection plant and power tools assembly plant.Now there are three series of products: snowthrower, garden tools and heat gun. We aim to provide quality and innovative products, yet great price and performance ratio. We will continue to focus on these series to make ourselves more professional.We look forward to build good partnership with you and hope our hand in hand cooperation could benfit both you and us.

What you can use this snow blower for: For Paved and Gravel surfaces. Moderate to wet and heavy snowfall. This snow blower will easily handle 6 to 9 inch snow falls.

What you may not like: At this time if this snow blower breaks you have to get parts through Amerisun and do the repairs yourself.  This is fine if you are mechanically inclined, but many of you expect warranty repairs to be done by a servicing dealer and as of right now Amerisun does not have a national service network.  The 208cc LCT motor is a proven, dependable motor so as long as you use fuel stabilizer, it will give you no problems.  I talk to Amerisun regulary and they are very responsive so you should have no problems getting parts.

Amerisun/PowerSmart DB7651 24 in 208 cc 2-stage Snow Blower (2013 Model) Review

Amazon is the Official Retailer for this snowblower:  This snow blower will be sold primarily at Amazon and the current price includes free shipping: Click Here To See Current Price, Order Online: Power Smart DB7651 24-inch 208cc LCT Gas Powered 2-Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start

Be Careful! Online prices from other stores vary wildly. I have seen this snow blower on sale for as little as $439.99 but the fine print states “$144 for shipping” making it more expensive than buying it through Amazon.

Is This One Of The Best Rated Snow Blowers for 2012 – 2013? This PowerSmart is not a heavy duty snow thrower and unfortunately too many people buy it on price alone and are not happy with it.

Does This Get a Best Snow Blower Rating For 2012-2013? In the Good, Better, Best rating system this snow blower rates a “Good” for ease of use and the fact it is a specialty unit. It uses a great LCT electric start motor, but the tire size and light gauge materials make it useful for only a few specialty applications. If you want a cheap machine and don’t mind ordering and installing repair parts yourself this is probably an ok snow thrower for you but DON’T BUY IT JUST BECAUSE OF THE LOW PRICE!

Is This One Of The Best Snow Blowers for the Money 2012-2013? Time will tell. There is not enough history yet to tell you yes or no.

Service & Parts AvailabilityService and parts are easily available through Amerisun.com.  Just enter your model number and parts list pop up.

Ease Of Use: This is not the easiest snow blower to use because it not balanced well and has a simple hand crank chute.  If you have a hard time using a snow blower, I suggest you look at a unit with power steering.

Key Features and Benefits: (From Amerisuninc.com)

Enjoy Faster Snow Dispersal with the 24″ 208cc Dual-Stage Gas Snow Blower
Invest in the versatile and easy-to-use Power Smart 24″ 208cc Gas Dual-Stage Snow Blower, for professional and personal use. This powerful machine, with its push button, electric start engine, is perfect for use in extreme low temperatures. Reduced chance of recoil start-ups, helps to speed up your daily snow management. With a clearing width of 24 inches it can clear away snow up to 20 inches deep with great ease.
It’s enhanced multi-speed drive system and direction control panel make the 24″ 208cc Dual-Stage Gas Snow Blower the best choice. The two-stage technology of snow dispersal helps save precious hours. Its performance is enhanced by metal skid shoes that can be adjusted for scraper height variations, enabling use on different surfaces like dirt, ice or concrete. The ergonomically designed machine comes with foldable handles, aiding easy storage when not in use. Its black and red finish adds to the visual appeal of this efficient machine.

  • The Power Smart 24″ 208cc Gas Dual-Stage Snow Blower is an efficient equipment for snow management
  • Fitted with a 208cc, powerful snow engine, this two-stage snow blower is perfect for use in extremely cold climates
  • Its versatile drive system allows four forward and two backward speed variations for enhanced driving convenience
  • It has 180-degree chute rotation for distant, faster and efficient snow dispersal
  • With 13-inch inflatable tires, which are enhanced by metal rims, it’s a must-have
  • It has adjustable, metal skid shoes that enable alteration in height for easy use on varied surfaces
  • The blower allows a snow clearing width of 24 inches and a clearing depth of 20 inches, making it a perfect choice for regions receiving heavy snowfall
  • Shipping Dimensions: 38” x 26” x 30”
  • Item Weight: 196 lbs.
  • Two-year limited warranty

Click Here To See Current Price, Order Online: Power Smart DB7651 at Amazon

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