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There will be a lot of BUZZ about the new Meyer Home Plow this year and I wanted to give you my opinion so you can decide if this is the best choice for you.

It’s Not The Best Snow Plow. It’s The Best Snow Plow For YOU!

If you are spending more than an hour with your big walk-behind snowblower or tractor mounted snow blower moving snow each time it snows this is just the ticket for you.  If you have a driveway over 150 feet long this may be a great choice for you.

Introducing the Meyer Home Plow.

1x1.trans Meyer Home Plow
From Meyer: The Home Plow by Meyer is perfect for clearing long driveways fast and easily. It quickly attaches to light pickups, SUVs and utility vehicles using a Class 3, 2 -inch front receiver hitch (receiver hitch sold separately). Up, down, right, left the Home Plow is fully automated so you never have to leave the cab. Its patented auto-angling system moves snow left or right automatically, so you can stay focused on the job. It takes seconds to attach or remove the Home Plow with the exclusive Quick-Link System. When the plow is not attached, there is no visible mounting hardware on your vehicle. The Home Plow comes completely assembled and includes a one-button controller for easy, in-cab operation. Integrated mounting wheels make it easy to remove and store.
1x1.trans Meyer Home Plow
I have a friend in Illinois that has an 800 foot driveway.  Where he lives they get lots of 2 to 6 inch snows.  His drive is long and there is lots of room on each side of the drive to pile snow. He owns a 3/4 ton, 4WD GMC.  This plow is perfect for him.
Both Sears and Northern Tool sell the Meyer Home Plow and everything you need to make it work on your pickup, SUV or utility vehicle. You will have to pay shipping on this unit. Check the price at each site and the shipping cost BEFORE you check out.  When I wrote this article the best price and shipping cost was through Northern Tools.
Meyer Auto-Angling Plow at Sears: Meyer Home Plow at
Meyer Auto-Angling Plow at Northern Tool: Meyer Home Plow Auto Angling at Northern Tool

You will need to buy and mount a front hitch to install the Meyer Home Plow on your vehicle.

The front hitch is specific for the vehicle you are planning to use with the plow.  Between Northern Tool and Sears you can find the correct hitch for your vehicle.  There are hitches available for over 50 different pick-ups, SUV’s and utility vehicles.  The hitches are made by Curt Manufacturing so they are high quality, rugged hitches.
Hitches at Sears: Meyer Home Front Hitch at
Hitches at Northern Tool: Front Hitch at Northern Tool

Power Angling Plow may be a better choice

1x1.trans Meyer Home Plow

Meyer also makes a Power Angling version of this plow (only available through Northern Tool) and may be a better choice for the following reasons:

Don’t buy Auto Angling snow plow if you have a lot of obstructions to work around.

Don’t buy the auto angling plow if you have a circular drive or live in an area that gets a lot of snow.

Don’t buy the auto angling plow if you want to pile your snow in one location.

Click here to see the Meyer Power Angling Plow: Meyer Home Plow Power Angling at Northern Tool

Don’t Buy The Home Plow If:

Don’t buy the Home Plow if you plan to make money cleaning driveways or parking lots. It’s not heavy enough for commercial use and you will break it. Commercial snow plowing is extremely hard on equipment.  You generally plow at much higher speeds than you would on your home driveway. You are constantly finding curbs, manhole covers, and other hard objects.  This plow and the hitch is not designed for that type of abuse.

The Home Plow is a great unit and priced well for the average homeowner but it is not a commercial plow.  Please don’t buy it and expect it to perform like the heavy duty plows Meyer also sells.

Mark your obstructions. Put a 3 foot or longer stick on the corners of your landscape beds, curbs, culverts, fire hydrants and any other obstructions that may be covered by snow.  This will keep you from wrecking your plow and/or the obstruction.

Here is a video of the assembly and installation of your new Meyer Snow Plow.  It doesn’t take long and you just need a few tools.  It’s the easiest plow I have seen for the homeowner.

1x1.trans Meyer Home Plow

Here is a video from ( a Cleveland TV station) showing how easy it is to get the Home Plow ready to plow snow.

1x1.trans Meyer Home Plow

Not quite sure if this is right for you?

Here are links to the manuals for using it, putting it together and installing it on your vehicle. Spend some time going through each of these manuals to see if you can assemble, install, and use this plow.

Operators Manual Meyer Home Plow Auto Angling at Northern Tool

Assembly Manual Meyer Home Plow Power Angling at Northern Tool

Vehicle Application Guide (To find the hitch for you vehicle) The guide is called datasheet 1 Meyer Home Plow at

Brochure. Meyer Home Plow Auto Angling at Northern Tool


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