2011 John Deere 249cc 28 inch Model 1028E Snow Blower 1695808 Review

My Review of the John Deere 305cc  28 in Gas Snow Blower 1695808

Commonly called the John Deere 1028E

NOTE: John Deere is no longer going to sell John Deere walk-behind snow throwers. According to the latest info I have they intend to sell the much higher priced Honda snow throwers through their dealer network. If you are interested in a snow blower comparable to the discontinued John Deere units at an affordable price I suggest you look at the Craftsman snow throwers first.  Go here to see the latest snow throwers at Sears. Check Out Our Hottest Lawn & Garden Deals

Septemeber 28, 2011, Walk-behind snowblowers and lawnmowers will continue to be serviced by John Deere dealerships but new ones will no longer be sold after the existing stock has been sold.  I recommend you look at the Snapper snow throwers if you want a direct match to the existing John Deere’s or look at Craftsman snow blowers if you want the best value in the industry.

Update: John Deere residential walk-behind equipment will continue to be serviced by dealerships even though the company will no longer sell John Deere walk-behind snowblowers or lawnmowers after 2012.

“We will continue to stand behind all the products purchased at John Deere dealerships,” says Maureen McCormack, segment manager, media relations. “There should be no concerns along those lines.”

In 2012, dealers will move through their existing remaining inventory of walk-behind mowers, blowers, tillers and generators, after which they will start integrating Honda Power Equipment inventory.

“Walk-behind products like snow blowers and tillers, those have never been core products of John Deere,” says McCormack. “With this agreement with Honda, it allows us to continue focusing on our quality ride-on products. John Deere is pleased about this agreement with Honda.”

As you know John Deere Snow Blowers were made by Briggs & Stratton and were essentially Snapper Snow Blowers without all the features found on the Snappers.  Briggs will continue to sell the Snappers and you can read about them here: 27 inch Snapper Snow Blower Review and here: 29 inch Snapper Snow Blower Review.  The Snapper Snow Blowers have more features for less money than the current John Deere Snow Blowers.

The following was written before we got the news from John Deere that they were discontinuing walk-behind snow blowers.

John Deere 1028E


Value:  This snow thrower is one of the higher priced units for it’s size, but is always rated as one of the best with it’s owners.

This model is made for John Deere by Briggs & Stratton. Briggs also makes the comparable Snapper 249 cc 27 inch, the CRAFTSMAN Professional for the Canada market.

The John Deere 1028E is designed to clear lots of snow quickly. This size snowblower is about the right size for most suburban home owners.  It has a lot of great features. It is higher priced when compared to the MTD built snow throwers, but is very comparable in price to the Snapper, Husqvarana, Simplicity and Toro Brands.

This model does not have power steering.  It does have a quick release wheel lock so you can easily manuever the snow blower under normal conditions.  In addition remote chute controls, electric start, good tires and good balance make this snowblower easy to operate. Of course, this snowblower is not for everyone, but in my opinion this snow thrower is just the right size for driveways less than 16 by 150 feet.. (1-2 cars wide, can park 6-8 cars behind each other)

Is This SnowBlower Right For You?  Read on. 

Customer Satisfaction: Excellent:  This John Deere snow blower has been around for a while, but had an engine change for 2010 so there are only 7 reviews at Lowes.com. BUT all 7 of the reviews are solid 5’s!  All the owners love their machine.  Note: 1. This unit does not have “Power Steering” If you are used to snow blower that has trigger steering controls you may not like this steering. It does have a quick release wheel lock.  Release the lock for fast clean-up. Lock it for maximum traction.

John Deere 28″ Snow Thrower, a great machine, good price for a heavy-duty snow blower.


The John Deere 249cc 28 inch Model 1028E is designed for medium to heavy use (6-24 inches) and will clear snow quickly. It will handle deeper snows. For the size, snowblower is a great value and the history of the snow thrower makes it a very reliable machine. This snowthrower has just the right amount of features to make it easy to use and last a long, long time.  The drive system on this snow blower has been around for many years and it is just about bulletproof.

Is this the right snowblower for you?

Most people will be able to use this snowblower.  It is balanced well and easy to use.  The controls are simple and basic.  It does not have power steering like some of the other models and will be hard to turn for smaller people. It does have the quick release wheel lock that makes the snow blower very easy to turn when needed.

This snowblower will go through a door 30 inches or larger.  The 28 inch width and the skid shoes need 30 inches or more.  If you regularly use the garage side door or go out the back to clean a spot off the patio measure your door to make sure this will fit through it.  Most garage side doors are 32 inches.

Do you have to put the snow in precise locations? My neighbor has a spot where he has to blow the snow into a 4 foot wide area.  The remote chute controls allows for precise and quick chute changes.

Do you have a beautiful drive or patio? The steel skid shoes will leave brown (rust) marks on your concrete drive.  If you have stained concrete or a nice patio purchase a set of roller skids.  Roller Skids .

This is a medium sized snow thrower with a well matched motor and all the basic features you need.  The remote chute makes it easy to operate and control where the snow goes.

Here is a rundown of the Features and Benefits of this new snowthrower:

From John Deere 1028E Dual Stage Snowthrower

John Deere’s 1028E Dual Stage Snowthrower provides the performance and reliability you need. Even in the toughest cold weather conditions, the 1028E’s Briggs & Stratton engine, Easy-Steer drive system and cast iron gear case will not shrink from the task at hand.

Add in heated hand grips, rugged snow tires and and an open chute design that reduces clogging and you have a snowthrower built for the most demanding jobs.

  • Powerful 4-cycle OHV Briggs & Stratton Snow Series Engine (305cc) with 14.50 ft.lbs gross torque power
  • 0W30 Synthetic oil added to engine at factory
  • Push button 110V electric start standard, cord included
  • Fresh Start® fuel cap standard to help with stale gas
  • 3 quart fuel tank
  •  Fuel shut off on engine
  • 28-inch clearing width
  • Free hand control for easy operation of controls
  • NEW! Deluxe console with dual halogen headlights for better ergonomics and visibility
  • Electric chute rotation with 200-degree turning radius
  • Remote chute deflector
  • Heated hand grips standard
  • Aluminized Super Lo-Tone muffler for reduced noise
  • Friction disk drive with 6 Fwd/2 Rev speeds
  • Quick pull knob style wheel differential system
  • Cast iron, heavy duty gear case
  • Heavy duty embossed auger housing
  • 14″ Steel auger with serrated flighting
  • Large STEEL chute for increased snow capacity
  • Heat-treated skid shoes
  • 16″ x 4.8″ X-Trac Tires
  • 2-year consumer warranty, 90-day commercial warranty
  • Includes tool box and clear out brush
  • This product is CARB compliant

This is the most popular snow thrower in the John Deere line. I would suggest you get the machine as soon as possible. Don’t wait to get this snow blower at the first snowfall.

NOTE: John Deere is no longer going to sell John Deere walk-behind snow throwers. According to the latest info I have they intend to sell the much higher priced Honda snow throwers through their dealer network. If you are interested in a snow blower comparable to the discontinued John Deere units at an affordable price I suggest you look at the Craftsman snow throwers first. 

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