Who Makes Powermore, Craftsman, Troy-Bilt, Yard Machines, Cub Cadet OHV Winterized Engines

One thing to understand about Powermore engines.  They are not Briggs ripoffs or Honda Clones.  These winterized engines are designed and manufactured to specific standards for the North American Snowblower market.  They are made by one of the world’s largest motorcycle engine manufactures not some fly-by-night garage and tent operation.  This manufacture also works with other brands you know and trust like Harley Davidson to deliver high quality engine components.

Just like the Bosch starter in your car these motors are licensed from the manufacture so that Sears can put the Craftsman name on it or Cub Cadet can put their own name on it.

Yes, I am patriotic just like you.  I would rather buy “Made in the USA” than made in China.  And I do whenever possible. But I am also practical.  I know if my favorite snow blower (a Gravely 16 hp Convertible with a 30 inch snow thrower) was still made in the USA I would have to pay over $4ooo for it.  Today, I can get a 30 inch Craftsman that will blow my snow just as well for under $1000.  As a semi-retired person I cannot afford to spend the high dollars it would cost for me to own the Gravely.

Update August 2012:  These motors are proving to be the most reliable snow blowers engines currently on the market.  The return rate and defect rates on all of these engines is smaller than any other production small engine.

Parts: Parts networks vary from one engine brand to the next.  I read a lot of complaints all over the web about parts not being available for China motors but Sears has parts readily available for their Craftsman engines through Searspartsdirect.com. Similarly, Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, Powermore and Yard Machines engines have parts readily available through their respective dealer service networks.

If you don’t trust me here is an easy way to see if parts are available for the snow thrower you want to buy. You can do this completely online. If you took the model number off of the snow thrower you looked at in the store skip steps 1 and 2.

1. Get the stock number of the snow blower you are interested in.  I give you that number in the reviews here or you can go to Sears.com.  The stock number you need is 5 digits after the 071 in the Sears item number.  For example: Sears Item# 07188779000. The stock number is 88779.

2. Go to managemylife.com.  Click on the manuals tab and type in Craftsman followed by the model number.  In this example it would be “Craftsman 88779″   You will get one or manuals to choose from.  Sometimes a model will carry over from year to year with minor changes so select the manual with the highest last number for the latest model.   In this example: Select 247887791.  This is the model number you will need to check on parts in the next step.

3. Click on the banner in the right hand column of this page. It takes you to searspartsdirect.com.  Type in the model number you got in step 2, BUT put a period  after the first three digits.  Example: 247.887791.  Parts diagrams pop up and you can click and order your part.

If you ever need parts remember before you click on the banner in the right hand column of this page, write down the code in the banner and use it during the checkout process to get 10% off your order.

I have confidence that Sears will keep parts in stock for at least 10 years for their snowblowers.  I regularly look up parts for other people and find the parts I need for 15 and 20 year old machines.

Below is the information from MTD.  I found this on the Canadian MTD website.  This information applies to the Craftsman, Troy-Bilt, YardMachines and Cub Cadet brands.

POWERMORE OHV Winterized Engines represent the very latest in 4-cycle engineering – minimizing emissions and maximizing power. Their advanced design combines commercial-grade innovations with consumer-oriented ease of use. Aluminum is replaced by a cast iron cylinder sleeve for reduced bore wear and oil consumption. A cast iron camshaft and forged steel crankshaft provides improved durability and longer life. See more features below – all backed by the quality and reliability of MTD.


OHV (overhead valve) design for lower emissions, more power, and reduced fuel consumption. Shielded spark plug boot reduces unwanted electrical interference.





Simple-to-use controls designed for easy access and mitten operation.






Push button 110V electric starter eliminates pull starting. Mitten grip manual pull is provided as a backup.






Ratchet-style gas cap and removable fuel filter prevents unwanted contaminants. Up to a 5.0 litre fuel tank means less fillings and longer run time.






Automotive-style, oil dipstick allows for easy oil checks both at the start and throughout the season.






Extended oil drain for quick and easy oil changes makes ongoing maintenance simple and clean.


Features & Benefits

OHV Design with Cross-Flow Cylinder Head More efficient, cleaner burning engine than conventional side valve engines. Results in lower emissions, more power and reduces your fuel consumption.

Fuel Capacity Up to 5.0 litres (nearly twice industry standard) for less fillings and longer run times.

Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeve Automotive style piston and rings riding in a cast iron sleeve cylinder provides longer life while reducing bore wear and oil consumption. Superior to aluminum.

Forged Steel Crankshaft Better strength/weight ratio than cast iron which means stronger and more durable.

Cast Iron Camshaft Commercial grade cast iron camshaft provides better durability and longer life than nylon composites. Heavy Duty Crankshaft Ball Bearings Can withstand higher loads and reduces wear caused by oil contamination or low oil conditions.

Mechanical Governor Provides precise control of engine speed for faster response to sudden load changes. Results in smooth, consistent and trouble-free clearing power.

Mechanical Compression Release Minimizes pulling effort for smooth and easy starts.Manual Choke with PrimerFor fast, easy, reliable starting on those frigid sub-zero days.

Electronic Ignition with RFI-EMI Shielded Plug Boot Induction Discharge Ignition delivers longer spark duration which is required for easy, dependable starting in frigid sub-zero temperatures.

Extended Oil Fill and Dipstick Allows for easy maintenance when filling and checking oil levels.

Ergonomic Operator Controls with Oversized Mitten Grip Oversize and readily accessible controls for convenient operation. Ergonomic oversize mitten grip starter handle for easy starting and accommodates the largest of gloves.

Electric Starter with Alternator Push button 110V electric starter UL/CSA   Approved with 20W AC / 20W DC alternator for lights and optional heated hand grips.

Low tone Muffler with Heat Shield Low-tone, dual-stage muffler significantly reduces the exhaust noise which will be appreciated by the user, as well as the neighbors.

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  2. I have a Cub Cadet snow blower # 524swe, the engine dose not have a gas shut off on it. can I put a shut off on it and do you have any information on how to do it.

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    • @Silvio, The gas line is pretty short from the tank to the carb so it would be hard to do. I don’t know of any information on how to install one. I suggest using a good fuel stabilizer like SeaFoam or Blue Stabil instead of trying to adapt a fuel shutoff. In the spring run the engine with the stabilized gas until it is out of fuel.

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    • @Fored, 4 years ago when this was written NO ONE actually wanted to hear where their new snow blower engine was made. Today they have no choice – they are all made (including the Briggs and Honda’s) in the same country.

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  3. I have a yard works snow blower 26 inch at the end of last year I added fuel stabilizer to the fuel and then ran the machine dry and put it away for the summer. This year when I start it will only run for a short period of time 30 seconds then shuts off looks like carborator is flooding the motor.
    Do you know where I can buy a carb kits

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    • @Paul, Take your model number off the frame of the snow blower and if the motor is a tecumseh or Briggs & Stratton take the numbers off the side of the engine and take them to a local mower repair shop. If you want to speed things up take a picture or two of the engine and bring that along. The shop will be able to either help you find a kit or a new carb.

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  5. My 22″ MTD snow blower does a lot of surging. I would like to be able to adjust the high speed mixture. Is there a high speed needle valve kit I can get for the carburetor. If I’m wrong about this, then what is causing the surging?

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    • @A.Barnes, 1. Bad Fuel.
      2. Bad Fuel Used in the Past. In either case run a fuel system cleaner like SeaFoam with your next tank of gas. If it doesn’t clear up and it’s is more than a couple of years old it could be the primer bulb and hose are cracked and letting to much air into the carb.

      There are no “kits” for these carbs. If you know it is the carb – replace it.

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    • @Lawrence, I am going to assume you are referring to the Tractor Supply SKU 4454536 and the Craftsman 88173.

      Same size engine.
      The Craftsman has better tires, a much better chute and better service and parts availability.

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  6. The new Husqvarna ST227P is a nice blower and your review is showing it to be in a league of it`s own and you also mentioned that Sears will be selling the same blower in it`s name here in mCanada, will the Sears branded blower be a little cheaper than the Husqvarna brand and how does the Husqvarna brand engine compare to the Powermore engine as well as to the Honda and the Briggs in the same size as the Husqvarna Thank`s Rick Digby Nova Scotia Canada

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