Craftsman Professional 357 cc 33 inch Model 88835 2 Stage Snow Thrower Review

Craftsman 33 Inch Two Stage Model 88835 Snow Thrower Review

Item No. 07188835000 Model No. 88835

Craftsman Professional 357 cc 33 inch Model 88835 2 Stage Snow Thrower

The Craftsman Model 88835 is designed to clear lots of snow quickly.  This snowthrower is a high capacity snow thrower.  This unit will move MORE snow than the Craftsman tractor mounted snow thrower.  This size snowblower is a great value for the features and price compared to many of the snowblowers offered by other manufactures.  It is big, heavy and just what you may need to really move snow.   In addition this year it has a larger motor, bigger gas tank, and easy to use controls.

This snowblower is very comparable in size and capacity to my all-time favorite snowblower (16 horse Gravely Convertible with 33 inch blower)  and costs thousands less than the Gravely did 20 years ago.

This snowblower has a lot of new features and worthwhile benefits.

It is easy to use and drive.  It has 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds.  It uses triggers to control each wheel so you have ”power steering” with this machine.  It weighs in at almost 400 lbs so it is too heavy to push down on the handles and turn so the trigger control steering is the only way to turn it.  The power steering is nice.  It allows any adult to easily operate this snow blower.  In spite of it’s size it is one of the easiest snow throwers to use and control.

The new 357 cc motor is new and the largest ever offered on this size snow thrower

Besides the power steering it has four-way joystick to control the discharge chute, and a clutch lock so you can control the snow blower with one hand while you shift gears and move the chute.  This machine is large enough to handle the toughest conditions winter can throw at you.

Yes this snow thrower is a big unit and will quickly clear even the largest driveways.  The price tag is probably more than many of you want to spend. But the price is comparable to smaller units from other manufactures.  The value for the dollar is good enough that you should seriously consider this machine if you regularly blow more than 6 inches of snow on driveways larger that 16 feet by 80 feet.

Here is a Rundown of the Features and Benefits of this Updated Snowthrower:

Single Handed Operation: You can drive the snow thrower easily with one hand to make adjustments to the chute or change speeds without stopping

4 cycle, 357 cc Overhead Valve Motor: This Craftsman motor is larger than the one on the 33 inch professional snowthrower last year and larger than what is on the snow throwers from the big four. It has plenty of power to bust through drifts and move the heaviest snows. The 4 cycle Overhead Valve (OHV) engine is quiet. (Not all of the other manufactures have updated their literature as of August 27, but so far this is the largest motor available for this size snowblower)

33 inch clearing width: The 33 inch width is wide enough to make short work of most large areas yet small enough to easily clear a normal sidewalk. You can quickly clear most sidewalks in one pass. Think of the time savings of not having to make two or three passes to clear your sidewalks.

22 inch intake height with drift cutters: The intake is high enough to tackle most drifts. From what I can tell only one manufacture has a professional model with a higher intake. The drift cutters help keep a clean edge when working the really deep stuff.

Power Steering: This feature allows anyone to easily control the snow blower. Once you use power steering on a snowblower you will never want to go back to one without it. A small trigger located on the bottom of each hand-grip allows you to effortlessly change the direction of the snow thrower. It really saves the back muscles from having to wrestle a snowthrower without power steering around.

Four-Way Joystick Control: One of the best changes to the entire Craftsman snowblower line this year is the new Four-Way Joystick Control. As may of you know the previous cable joystick was not heavy enough, got sticky easily and wore out after only a few seasons. This new system uses gears and shafts to rotate the chute. The gearboxes are sealed and should not give you the icing problems the cable system was accused of.

Electric Starter: Of course this Craftsman snowthrower has push button electric start. Just plug the 110v power cord into any wall outlet and push the button.

Huge 16 inch serrated auger with 16 inch impeller:  The 16 inch impeller is the largest walk-behind impeller available today and larger than most of the tractor mounted snowblowers.  This thing will move snow!!!   The serrated auger effectively chews up the snow before throwing it into the impeller. (If someone else has a larger capacity please let me know)

6 forward, 2 reverse speeds: Plenty of speed choices so you can get your snow blowing done quickly and efficiently.

Headlight: I don’t know about you but there are times when I am out early in the morning or late at night getting the driveway cleared. The integral headlight is a welcome addition to this snow thrower.

5 quart fuel capacity: 5 quarts of fuel on a snowblower is a lot. Most snowblowers only have 2 quarts or so. You should be able to run hours before you have to fill up.

Extended Chute/Extreme Chute Capacity: The new longer and larger chute creates better throw patterns than the old short chutes. When blowing light snow this will help a lot to keep it from blowing back into your face. The longer chute will allow you to throw the snow farther with more control to put in the right spot.

HEATED GRIPS: I don’t know about you, but my hands get cold easily hanging onto the handles of a snowblower. The heated hand-grips are new for Craftsman snow throwers and are a welcome addition.

NOTE: This snow thrower has been replaced. NOTE: Go here to see the latest snow throwers at Sears. Check Out Our Hottest Lawn & Garden Deals


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