Craftsman 24 inch 2 Stage 179 cc Model 88957 Snow Thrower Review

Craftsman 179 cc 24 inch 2 Stage Model 88957 Snow Thrower Review

Sears Item# 07188957000 Model# 88957

NOTE: This snow thrower has been replaced. NOTE: Go here to see the latest snow throwers at Sears. Check Out Our Hottest Lawn & Garden Deals

Medium Use Snowthrower 07188957000-1

The next snow thrower I will review is the most popular and the staple of the Craftsman lineup for 2009.   I am also giving this unit my BEST BUY AWARD because of one simple change Sears made to it.

The Craftsman Model 88957 is designed for medium use and will clear snow quickly. This size snowblower is a great value and the simplicity of the snow thrower makes it a very reliable machine. This snowthrower has just the right amont of features to make it easy to use and last a long, long time.

This snowblower is basically the same machine that has been around for years with one completely new and worthwhile feature.

In my opinion this snow thrower is just the right size for a 16 by 80 foot driveway.  With a street price around $600 it is probably the best value for the money snowblower on the market.

Here is a rundown of the Features and Benefits of this workhorse:

NEW!  Single Handed Operation: You can drive the snow thrower easily with one hand to make adjustments to the chute or change speeds without stopping.  This has always been a much asked for feature and Craftsman finally put it on this snowthrower for 2009.

4 cycle, 179 cc Overhead Valve Motor: This Craftsman motor is sized well for the 24 inch clearing width. It has plenty of power to bust through drifts and move most snows. The 4 cycle Overhead Valve (OHV) engine is quiet. The motor is equivalent to a 5hp.

24 inch clearing width: The 24 inch width is wide enough to make short work of average driveway yet small enough to easily go in and out the side door on your garage. You can quickly clear most sidewalks in two passes.

21 inch intake height: The intake is high enough to tackle most normal drifts.

Electric Starter: Of course this Craftsman snowthrower has push button electric start. Just plug the 110v power cord into any wall outlet and push the button.

12 inch serrated auger with 12 inch impeller: The 12 inch is large enough to handle most snowfalls (6 to 9 inch snowfalls) You may have to drop down a gear when throwing heavy wet snow. The serrated auger effectively chews up the snow before throwing it into the impeller.

Glide-Tech Skid Shoes: The reversible polymer skid shoes are designed to last and won’t leave those unsightly brown marks (rust) on your driveway and sidewalks.

6 forward, 2 reverse speeds: Plenty of speed choices so you can get your snow blowing done quickly and efficiently.

Optional Headlight: I don’t know about you but there are times when I am out early in the morning or late at night getting the driveway cleared. The optional headlight plugs right into the wiring and easily clamps to the handles.

2 quart fuel capacity: 2 quarts of fuel on a snowblower is the right size for this snowblower.

Remote Crank Chute: The 190 degree chute rotation lets you put the snow in just the right place.

13 inch X 4 inch Tires: The X-Trac Tires provide adequate traction for this size snow thrower.

To Get your Craftsman 24 Inch Two Stage Model 88957 Snow Thrower: You can easily and safely order your new snow thrower here, pick it up at your nearest Sears store or have it delivered right to your home.  Most of the Sears stores will carry this in stock but if they are out it will only take a few days to get it from the warehouses.

NOTE: This snow thrower has been replaced. NOTE: Go here to see the latest snow throwers at Sears. Check Out Our Hottest Lawn & Garden Deals


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