Buy an Ariens SHO 414. It scares snow away

From: John Comment: Well ten miles north two feet of snow last nite. 100 miles south of us Buffalo is buried. Here ? Not more than a dusting. Moral of the story? Buy an Ariens SHO 414. It scares snow away.

10% OFF! Just In Time For The Snow! Sears Family and Friends Sale

Sears has snow blowers in stock at most locations Get an extra 10% off online today! Members Get 10% back in points on first $500 of each qualifying purchase with a Sears Card. Offer ends   25-Dec-2014 See details. FREE DELIVERY on Craftsman Gas Snow Blowers over $579

Cheap 2 stage Snow Blowers – There are a few good ones

If you want a good snow blower but you don’t want to spend any more money than you absolutely have to there are a few out on the market that will blow snow well, have good repair records and service is fairly easy to obtain. Most of
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